Whitehelm Capital

Capabilities Unlisted Infrastructure

Whitehelm has acquired over 87 unlisted infrastructure assets since 1998 and has a strong track record in the space. Managing unlisted infrastructure portfolios for institutional investors has been the core of our business.

While traditional alternative asset managers focus on the assets and sectors, we focus on a ‘bottom-up analysis’ of the cash flows that are generated by the assets. This broadens the opportunity set, facilitates effective comparison of opportunities, and enables selection of those assets and sectors offering the highest risk-adjusted returns at any point in time.

Unlisted assets are acquired according to our Investment Philosophy, by developing ‘long term partnerships’ with investors to acquire assets with clear and measurable cash flows and paying a price that is below our fundamental assessment of ‘long term value’. Each asset requires individual attention, including detailed modelling of their specific risk. We bring a higher standard of governance policies and procedures than those used for listed assets to maintain constant and close attention of the directly held assets.

About Whitehelm’s unlisted infrastructure equity capabilities:

  • We offer clients customised separate account solutions, which offer direct access to infrastructure assets.
  • Our global footprint and network enables us to provide our clients with access to proprietary investment flow.
  • Our asset management goal is to ensure maximum value is created from each investment.
  • We defend and add value to our clients’ investments and influence the strategic and operational direction of our investments. We also focus on value-adding activities that have the potential to generate additional returns for our clients.
  • Our clients can benefit from our proprietary portfolio construction and risk modelling tools, which ensure portfolios are optimally constructed and maintained within the context of portfolio objectives.