Whitehelm Capital

Advisory Manager and Investment Research

We construct portfolios of active managers that deliver strong risk adjusted returns, have low fees, a strong focus on tax outcomes, and low levels of redundancy while maintaining manager and style diversification so that the portfolio performs in a wide variety of market conditions.

With respect to manager selection, we utilise a range of screening tools to assist us in narrowing down the potential manager universe before conducting intensive due diligence. Our clients have enjoyed very strong risk adjusted returns, with managers outperforming a range of both market and industry benchmarks.

Our interaction with managers and investments doesn’t stop at the recommendation. We work directly with fund managers and their custodians to fully implement all our recommendations. From selection and implementation to monitoring and reporting, we take care of all of it in a highly customised format that meets client needs.

Our team has significant investment and portfolio management experience across a number of different asset classes. This places us in a unique position to understand markets and managers, resulting in better outcomes for clients.