Whitehelm Capital

Advisory Investment Strategy

Whitehelm spends considerable time focussing on the most important driver of returns for client portfolios, namely investment strategy.

We have been constructing institutional client portfolios since 1996.  We were one of the first consultants in Australia to identify that real assets such as infrastructure and property are a part of long-term real investment portfolio returns.

Market returns, or beta, drive around 85% of a portfolio’s returns. Given this, we spend a lot of time undertaking research to understand macroeconomic conditions and how this is impacting the investment environment. Combining these insights with a robust valuation framework, we are able to create tailored strategic asset allocations for clients.

Our risk cycle framework is a powerful tool that incorporates both quantitative and qualitative factors to guide investors as to when they should deviate from their long term strategic asset allocation based on an assessment of both economic and financial market conditions.

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