Whitehelm Capital

Advisory Alternative Advisory

We are a specialist adviser and manager of alternative asset portfolios, with expertise in alternative asset investing, portfolio construction and risk management.

Infrastructure Assets

Infrastructure assets have become an increasingly important component of institutional portfolios. However, the potential for high concentration risk, significant idiosyncratic risk and correlated exposures to market-wide factors means that specialist expertise is required.


We have significant experience in alternative asset portfolio construction and risk management. With over 18 years’ experience in alternative asset investment and portfolio construction, we have successfully delivered strong relative returns across the cycle.

Proprietary Approach

We employ a proprietary approach in assessing potential acquisitions and divestments (via the development of appropriate long-term risk-adjusted hurdle rates) and manage asset specific and market-wide risk exposures through a Risk Index overlay and factor-risk analysis. This approach ensures appropriate diversification of an alternatives portfolio, particularly considering the potential for market-wide risks to aggregate across asset classes.

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Second Opinion Investment Reports

Whitehelm has significant experience assessing investments in alternative assets across a broad range of sectors and geographies. Given the highly concentrated nature of alternative asset portfolios, idiosyncratic risk can have a substantial impact on the portfolio returns which are ultimately realised. Minimisation of asset specific risk is critical.

Given our deep industry experience, we are uniquely placed to provide impartial second opinion reports on potential alternative investments. Our analysis can be focussed on specific components of an investment with regard to the specific requirements of each client.