Whitehelm Capital

About Whitehelm Investment Philosophy

We have a very clear and consistent Investment Philosophy which ensures we only invest in core investments. Our Investment Philosophy is:

  • Whitehelm is a long-term investor that partners with clients to invest in assets that protect the real value of the investment whilst providing predictable cash returns.
  • We achieve this through investing in assets that have clear and measurable cashflows and by paying a price that is below our fundamental assessment of long-term value.
  • We seek to identify investment opportunities across the capital structure and transact opportunistically to take advantage of asset mispricing.
  • We protect and grow the value of our clients’ investments through our asset management capabilities, which have been developed over our 18 year history of direct investing.
  • We also help clients to formulate their investment objectives before designing and implementing a bespoke investment portfolio to meet these objectives.