Whitehelm Capital

About Whitehelm Employee Ownership

Whitehelm Capital is 70% owned by its staff, making Whitehelm a leading independent infrastructure manager.

Employee shareholders have a majority ownership of the company. All shareholders remain locked in and committed to the growth of the business over the long term.

Challenger Limited’s (ASX:CGF) Fidante Partners  investment management business holds the remaining 30%.  This is in line with Fidante’s philosophy of partnering with specialist asset management firms to deliver compelling opportunities to an international investor base. Its deep understanding of what drives investor decision-making and which strategies are compelling in today’s environment means they can provide access to high quality products across a variety of strategies.

Fidante Partners provides strategic support to Whitehelm, assisting it in achieving its ambitions for long-term business growth. Fidante Partners currently supports 15 specialist investment boutiques, managing US$34 billion (as at 31 December 2016)  across numerous asset classes including fixed income, equities and alternative asset strategies.